With the glory of God as our aim, the Bible as our guide, and the ‘Great Commission’ as our focus, we are working together to build a church which will reflect our unity with Christ and our brothers and sisters in the faith. In a generation which has been brought up on instant coffee and fast food, the prospect of long term commitment to a small though growing church is not particularly inviting. Many people crave instant satisfaction, looking for what they can ‘get out’ of a church rather than considering what their patient commitment might ‘put in’.

A church needs to have vision for the future and the ways it can fulfil its aim and focus as it grows. We hope that the statement of this vision might present new-comers with a challenge: to share this vision and to be committed to its achievement. This church has grown to its present size not because it has always provided (or even provides now) all the things the members would like to see in the church, but because the people have a vision for what might be achieved through their committed participation.

Here, then, are some of the things we hope to achieve:

  • to grow a Christ-centred church comprising people from every ethnic and social background represented in our community, thereby reflecting our unity in Christ and the universal relevance of the gospel.
  • to encourage Bible based families where the Word is taught, discipline is exercised, biblical values are instilled, hospitality is practiced, and love is predominant.
  • to train, send and support pastors, home evangelists and foreign missionaries, and develop an increasing awareness of and prayerfulness for the work of Christ in New Zealand and throughout the world.
  • to develop meaningful fellowship and active cooperative efforts with other churches in New Zealand who share our theological convictions and vision for the spread of the gospel across the country and the globe.
  • to provide help and resources for people in every stage of life, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood; for those who are single, engaged, married, widowed or divorced; for students, workers, the unemployed and the retired; for the sick and the disabled; for single parents and childless couples. The Bible addresses the needs of all, and all should be welcomed in the church.

How or when this vision will be achieved depends, humanly speaking, upon the multiplication, growth and commitment of members. The precise way each aspect is worked out in the church will be governed by biblical principles coupled with available gifts and resources. But we pray that this vision will be accomplished by the grace of God and for His glory.

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